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Bad Breath Stinks!

Bad breath can put a damper on daily life and relationships. Whether at work, your child’s school, or even date night with a significant other, when bad breath lingers, there are few people who want to get close. Thankfully, there are an abundant number of easy, cost effective solutions to help manage foul mouth odor.  […]

Manual Toothrushes Still Take the Cake

There is a reason why 74% of tooth brusher’s still use and prefer a manual toothbrush versus electric.  Here are a couple main reasons why manual toothbrushes still reign supreme. Cost & Availability – electric toothbrushes may simply be too expensive for many people so it’s very nice to know that you can do a […]

Why Coconut Oil?

The benefits of coconut oil in your toothpaste Oil pulling is an ancient tradition of Ayurvedic medicine from over 3.000 years ago.  It has come back into light and gained momentum once again thanks to the internet.  So what is oil pulling? Well the idea is to swish oil in your mouth for about twenty […]

How often should I change my toothbrush?

People with braces, hard brushers and children will fray the bristles at a faster rate and will need to have their toothbrushes replaced sooner than softer less aggressive brushers.  It is recommended to replace toothbrushes, even if new, after a cold/flu, sore throat or even sores in the mouth in order to avoid any reoccurrence […]