Bad Breath Stinks!

Bad Breath Stinks!

Bad breath can put a damper on daily life and relationships. Whether at work, your child’s school, or even date night with a significant other, when bad breath lingers, there are few people who want to get close. Thankfully, there are an abundant number of easy, cost effective solutions to help manage foul mouth odor.  Here are a few tips to help keep that mouth smelling minty fresh.

Oral Hygiene – The easiest solution is quite often the most overlooked. Practicing good oral hygiene is the key to preventing and managing bad breath. Good oral hygiene does not simply mean making sure you brush your teeth as fast as you can just get out the door. It means that you must set aside time twice a day to implement a strategic routine of brushing your teeth (and tongue) for at least two minutes, flossing and finally rinsing them.

Harmful Addictions – Some of the top contributors to bad breath are several things that are harmful to our overall health as well; tobacco and alcohol use. Though kicking these addictions may seem to be a difficult task, all the positive benefits will certainly weigh over the hardship. Including fresher breath!

Mouthwash – Dry mouth and bad breath are prevalent issues that often go hand in hand. One of the most common triggers of dry mouth is surprisingly mouthwash. Mouthwash is typically used to treat dry mouth, but at the same time is the underlying cause of dry mouth returning. The culprit being the alcohol that is in the mouthwash, as alcohol only leads to further dry mouth. Always opt for alcohol-free mouthwashes.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly – Regular visits to the dentist for cleaning and care of the utmost important to ensure optimal oral health and prevention of bad breath. This is even more important if you have braces or wear dentures as both can cause bad breath when food particles get trapped in the mouth gear. Regular thorough cleaning and inspection to ensure proper fit are the best way to keep the mouth clean and free of bad breath.

Sugar Free Options – If lingering bad breath is a consistent issue, keeping sugar-free breath mints and gum near you is always a great option to mask the stench when unable to find more effective treatment options.

The Right Toothpaste – Frost!, It goes without saying to utilize a minty fresh toothpaste that has fluoride and contains natural ingredients.  As ties into good oral hygiene and regular dentist visits, be sure to use the correct toothpaste