Manual Toothrushes Still Take the Cake

There is a reason why 74% of tooth brusher’s still use and prefer a manual toothbrush versus electric.  Here are a couple main reasons why manual toothbrushes still reign supreme.

  • Cost & Availability – electric toothbrushes may simply be too expensive for many people so it’s very nice to know that you can do a great job of brushing with the right manual toothbrush. It can also be easily replaced and will never require batteries or power.  Manual toothbrushes are also very easy to travel with so you can always take your best tools with you.
  • Less Pressure on Teeth & Gums – with a manual toothbrush you can feel how much pressure you are using on these areas in your mouth. Placing too much pressure on your teeth enamel causes pain, sensitivity, and an increase risk of tooth decay.

Not all toothbrushes are the same.  Tooth Fairy Shop has taken the best of all and combined them to create clinically proven products that provide maximum performance for all ages and sizes.

The next generation in oral health care is here!